Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap! – It’s such a London phrase and we deftly jump on and off tubes without noticing the gaps that tourists stop and then hesitantly cross. However, other gaps created by the division between the generations, the rich and poor, North and South London, or two neighbours are more noticeable and as Christians we have the opportunity to exercise the wonderful ministry of reconciliation that we have been entrusted with. Minding the gap.

Prayer is a practical outworking and essential response of a heart that is minding the gaps within our city and society. Minding the gaps in prayer means that we take responsibility. The gaps are not someone else’s issue or problem that we can merely observe or comment, or “share to our timeline” but places where we need to see the Kingdom of God come. As we take on responsibility for the gaps we see, prayer can be the only response, we do not have the wisdom or resources to close them.

Minding the gaps in prayer also means we get out of the building. The church has repositioned itself in mission and the discussion is now about being incarnational, or outward looking, and pastoring/healing in the community. The gap between the people of God and those who are called to reach has been closing. However, prayer in churches often means that we gather to pray in our buildings away from those with a missional focus, creating a new gap. Minding the gap means that we get into our estates, the parks at night, the places where drugs are dealt and pray. Minding the gaps means we find those from other Christian traditions and meet in the walkways, taking ownership of the land we collectively nuture. Minding the gap means prayer walking the streets where we hear the family arguing, blessing each family behind every front door we pass, being ready to give account for the hope we feel for the community we love. Minding the Gap means a bit more heaven on earth – the ultimate gap we’re called to close.