A prayer for London is a series of short daily prayers that over the year cover the main elements of London society. These prayers are arranged in broad monthly themes – eg. Peace and Security or Estates and Communities, which are developed differently over the 4 weeks. The prayers are not focused on providing content of what we should pray for, most of us have too much to pray about as it is, but are short exemplar prayers that can be used as we pray together for our city.

The prayers are published most week days and they will use the Lord’s prayer for a development of the week’s development. So for example, on Mondays we start with “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your Name” meaning that Monday’s prayer will be praying into the topic more based upon a reflection upon the nature of who God is and our relationship with Him. We will end the week with #ThankfulFriday, not just because it’s the weekend, but reflecting the “Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory”.
The prayers also offer a mix of responding to a sense of what God is wanting to do now in London and prayer that systematically covers the foundations of London Life.
So join us in praying for London by following the London Prayer Room feed on Twitter (#aPrayerforLondon) or subscribing to the PrayerMate app (http://praynow4.org/londonprayerroom) to see London change.